Cahoon Care’s Massachusetts Employee Appreciation Party

On January 16th, Cahoon Care hosted an Employee Appreciation Party in Massachusetts.
We’re pleased to recognize the following employees in Massachusetts:
Celebrating 5 years with the company: Sara Bartels and Betty Frasca 5 years
Celebrating 4 years: Nina Moylan, Pippa MacVarish, Marie Mazzeo
Celebrating 3 years: Jaime Barry, Liatte Charles, Marie Nugent, Denise Dixon
Celebrating 2 years: Lydia Gwandaru, Geralyn Ziino, Denise May, Cynthia Reynolds, Wendy Boardman, Sylvia Freeman, Marjorie Williams, Robinah Katumba and Karol Dawkins
During the party at our office, we celebrated and each employee received a gift in thanks of their service. Stay tuned, Maine employees – we’ll have a Main Employee Appreciation Party this summer.