Our Clients

confident - happy - cared for

High-quality care means happy clients

Our clients have been known to acquire a spring in their step that prompts neighbors to ask if they have changed medications (when they havent). The reason for the change is that they feel confident, happy, and cared-for.

When you cannot be there to do Mothers hair or dress her up for a special function, you can be sure that our caregivers will have her looking her very best. When you can't be there to take Dad to an important doctors appointment, we will be there advocating for him, knowing the questions to ask, and remembering the details to report back to you.

We are a family business you can trust

We offer the highest-quality personalized care and comfort to elders who are:

  • In need of assistance with daily living activities
  • Living alone or at risk
  • Disabled or wheelchair-bound
  • Recovering from surgery or illness

We also offer respite care for family caregivers.

When you choose a home care service, one consideration stands above all else — the quality of the caregivers who will be at your side. Cahoon Care delivers quality care and peace of mind every time.

Group of happy and well cared for senior citizens

See what our clients are saying:

"Just want to thank you all for the marvelous care you have provided for Carl and me. We have loved working with you! I could go on and on...

I will wholeheartedly recommend your wonderful organization to anyone I know who is looking for quality care and great people!"


"I will always remember your kindness."

-Love, Carol (Earl)

"We loved doing business with you. We will spread the word about the great care you give and the great business you run!!"

-Love, All the Moores & Bill too

"My family appreciates the kind service you provided that allowed Manny to remain in his home."

- Sincerely, Warren and family

"We also want to thank you for all your support, concern and help during this past year...Margery, you made some great recommendations to me for my father’s care all along this journey. I will be forever grateful!!

I will sing Cahoon Care praises to everyone I meet. The caregivers who came, each gave my father care as well as entertainment with their own individual personalization. I know that he enjoyed his last year of life here in Norwell and I thank you all for making it possible."

-Love from all the Moores and all the Hurleys

"I’m so glad you were able to be with my father, during the holidays especially. It truly felt like you were a part of the family.

I am so grateful you were there with my father at the end, to watch over him, keep him comfortable and hold his hand when I could not..."


"Thank you so much for coming to all of my uncle's doctors' appointments. I would not have known what questions to ask and you were really great in helping me to understand the difference between hospice and palliative care and what was best for Dick.

I really appreciate all of the help you and your company offered my uncle...I certainly could not have done it without your experience and support. It really meant a lot to be able to bring him home to be comfortable and know that he was not going to have to remain in that rehab."

-Derek Hall

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