10 Signs of Caregiver Burnout to Watch Out For

Caring for a senior, especially when that senior is a loved one, is a challenging task. Not only is caregiving physically demanding, but there’s a high degree of stress and an emotional factor involved, too. Because caregiving is so challenging, caregiver burnout is a very real possibility. This psychological condition is caused by stress, and…

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How a Home Caregiver Can Help Keep Seniors Safe

There are many reasons to hire a home caregiver for a senior loved one. Home caregivers can help to relieve you of some of the stresses of caregiving, and can be with your loved one during times when you aren’t available. But home caregivers do more than just provide care – they can actually help…

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5 Ways Home Caregivers Can Help Foster Independence in Seniors

In this article: How caregivers can keep seniors independent Your next steps in hiring a caregiver Many seniors want to stay in their own homes as long as possible, but as seniors age, they often lose some of their independence. Home care can help with that. In honor of Senior Independence Month, we’ve highlighted five…

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How to Hire a Caregiver for a Senior Parent or Loved One

How to Hire a Caregiver for a Senior Parent or Loved One Is it time to hire a caregiver for your senior parent or loved one? Do you find yourself needing to hire a caregiver, but wondering where to start? It’s important for children to be involved in the hiring process for a number of…

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The Home Care Safety Checklist For Seniors and Elder Adults

In-Home Senior Safety Checklist: Making a Senior’s Home a Safer Place As your loved ones age, home safety becomes even more important. Factors such as decreased balance, slowed reaction times, and increased fragility put seniors at a higher risk of falling and incurring injuries. Taking steps to make your loved one’s home safer is an…

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How to Refer!

Cahoon Care offers a $50 referral bonus for each new caregiver, after they have worked with us for 3 months. Cahoon Care offers a $75 for each new client Here are a few easy ways you can make a referral… If you are making  referral for a caregiver Send your friend a link directly to our new online application form…

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