A Step-By-Step Guide for How to Get Up from a Fall

Falls can be serious business for seniors – and unfortunately, they’re more common than you might realize. In fact, the CDC says more than 1 in 4 people age 65 and older fall each year. Interestingly, if you fall just once, your chances of falling again double. Not only that, but if older adults stay…

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Signs That Loved Ones May Need More Help

No one knows your parents or loved ones like you do – so you will likely be one of the first to notice any decline in them that may warrant bringing in a caregiver. If you don’t live nearby, you may have missed certain hints over the past year that more help was starting to…

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When They Say No: How to Introduce the Idea of In-Home Care for Seniors

Even the best caregiver needs a break sometimes – especially when it’s a live-in family member. In fact, providing frequent and consistent breaks causes the caregiver to come back refreshed, recharged, and more attentive than ever. The problem arises when your older adult absolutely refuses the idea of an in-home caregiver replacing even a few…

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Ways to Reduce Dementia Sundowning Symptoms

It’s common for people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease to get increasingly confused, anxious, or agitated in the late afternoon or early evening. For others, the symptoms are more noticeable at night, when they experience restlessness or disrupted sleep schedules. Because this behavior tends to happen later in the day, it’s often called “sundowning.” It…

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Introducing the Gardeen Monitoring System

The Gardeen Monitoring System is a comfortable, lightweight, hassle-free bracelet designed for older adults with a sensor that captures and delivers data showing activity changes over time. The system tracks and records an individual’s movement patterns and activity levels. It is discreet and easy to use, allowing individuals to wear it throughout the day without…

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Tech Company PacSana Signs Major U.S. Deal

Firm’s smart bracelet technology to become an integral part of the Boston-based Gardeen system Irish homecare technology company PacSana has signed a contract with Boston-based Gardeen to use its technology as part of its monitoring solution for older adults. The deal will see the PacSana smart bracelet technology form an integral part of the Gardeen…

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8 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s Wandering

For those with Alzheimer’s, wandering off and getting lost is a severe issue and a significant worry for their families. Statistics show that more than half of those with Alzheimer’s will wander off at some point and that this can occur during the disease, even if it hasn’t happened in the past. It may seem…

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Video Tips: Safer Late-State Care Reposition in a Bed

@teepasnow Teepa shows better late state care for shifting bed position. #dementia #OT #positiveapproachtocare #teepasnow #snowapproach #dementiaawareness #carepartner #caregiver #CNA #PT #RN #RT #paccertifiedcommunity #LPN #fyp #alzheimer #carepartnerlife ♬ original sound – Teepa Snow If someone with dementia slides down the bed, your first tendency is to try to pull or slide him or her…

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Cahoon Care Associates Provides Outstanding Home Care in the Bangor, ME

Cahoon Care Associates, a family-owned and operated, non-medical home care agency serving seniors and their families in the Bangor, Maine area, was founded in 2010. We offer the highest-quality personalized care and comfort to elders who need assistance with daily living activities; are living alone or are at risk; are disabled or wheelchair-bound; and are…

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