Celebrating Your Independence!

Celebrating Your Independence!Cahoon Care Associates wishes you a safe and very happy Independence Day holiday. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to shout from the rooftops how happy it makes us when our Clients can maintain their independence by living at home with the help of our extraordinary caregivers.

Our caregivers‘ caliber is what sets us apart from the rest. They are more caring, more proactive and more experienced than the caregivers you will find elsewhere. This is because our standards are incredibly high and the percentage of applicants that we accept is incredibly low.

We want to share with you what we mean when we say that we have exceptional caregivers. So we have decided to feature a caregiver each month in our Caregiver Spotlight. This month we feature Jodi Lipman.


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Jodi with ClientJodi started babysitting at 12 years old and enjoyed caring for children throughout high school. She also worked as a nanny and a child care provider in a variety of settings. She received a Master’s Degree in Special Education in 2011.

Why did you choose to become a caregiver?

As a caregiver, I have found that I am able to be very effective by applying the concepts of special education. Most importantly, that every client is unique and has individual strengths, no matter their age or impairment.

What do find most rewarding as a caregiver?

Caregiving allows you to form a therapeutic bond with a client and really have an impact on their well-being. It is thrilling for me to arrive at the home of a client and be welcomed by them with a big smile that lets me know they are happy to see me. The greatest rewards come in the form of smiles, laughter and hugs! I also find that I learn a lot from my clients. My present client, Mrs. H., has taught me many life lessons. She is a strong and determined person who continues to have the heart and soul of the athlete that she was for most of her life. Her words of wisdom often catch me by surprise and I love this.

What are some of the challenges that you have encountered as a caregiver?

The greatest challenge I face occurs when a client is feeling pain, confusion, or emotional distress. I have worked with clients who have dementia and Alzheimer’s and there are times when their confusion is significant. It can be a challenge to comfort them and assure them that they are safe, but it is also very rewarding to alleviate their stress.

What makes Cahoon Care Associates different from other agencies?

Cahoon Care is a pleasure to work for because they treat their employees and clients respectfully and compassionately. Margery and Carolyn work hard to match their clients with compatible caregivers. The care provided is based on rigorous standards and is well documented. Margery and Carolyn maintain excellent communication with families and update their caregivers frequently on the client’s changing needs. I can always be certain that the care I provide meets or exceeds the families’ expectations.

When I interviewed Margery and Carolyn, I was very impressed with them. It was apparent to me that they truly care about the well-being of their clients and are passionate about providing families and clients with excellent care. I will never forget a comment that Margery made to me at my interview. She said, “You are a caretaker at heart. You are the kind of person we want to be providing care for our clients”. At that point, I knew I wanted to be a part of the team at Cahoon Care.

Is there a story that you can share about a memorable caregiving experience?

In June, I was asked to care for a client’s mother who was visiting from the midwest. This ninety year old woman was in Boston for a short visit and I was asked to assist her in running some errands. I spoke with her daughter (a prominent Boston doctor) to find out what some of her interests are so that I could engage her in conversation that would be meaningful to her. I learned that she loved Jewish art history and was an avid art collector. I also learned that she has a blog on the internet related to her art collection and has co-authored a book!

I visited her blog and was happy to find a section called “about the author”. She was a very interesting woman and after reading about her, I was excited to meet her. I met her at her daughter’s apartment. She was as interesting in person as she was in writing! I assisted her in doing some errands and drove her to a lunch date. When I picked her up, she expressed an interest in seeing some art. I knew of a store/gallery in Brookline that showcased the work of many up and coming Jewish artists. When I mentioned it, she surprised me by telling me that she knew of the place and had referred to them for artists’ names over the years.

Visiting the gallery with her was a fun and educational experience. She recognized many of the artists who had work featured. She purchased several items that she would display at an art fair at home where she was actively involved in a museum project. When I dropped her off, she was very thankful and had enjoyed herself. It meant a lot to me that I did more than drive her around and keep her safe. Those things are important but when she smiled and hugged me and told me that she looked forward to seeing me the next time she was in town, I knew I had made a friend.

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