5 Indoor Exercises to Keep Your Loved One Active This Winter

Exercise is important for senior health, but the winter can make getting outdoors a challenge. While ice and snow may make outdoor exercise too risky, with a little creativity, your senior loved one can exercise indoors, instead. 5 Indoor Exercises to Try This Winter These five indoor exercises can help a senior to stay active…

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How a Reverse Mortgage Can Help You Pay for Home Care

If you or a spouse need home care, funding that care can be a challenge. However, if you own a home, then taking out a reverse mortgage may give you the cash that you need for home modifications, home care services, and other modifications that will help you to safely age in place. Choosing to…

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How to Discuss the Topic of Home Care with a Senior

Last week we highlighted some common signs that your parent needs home care. You may notice some of these signs when you see your parent over the holidays. But once you realize that the time is nearing where you’ll need help for Mom or Dad, you’ll need to have an important discussion with them. How…

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5 Holiday Warning Signs Your Parent Needs Home Care

Returning home for the holidays is a nostalgic time, giving you a chance to reunite with your family members in person. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen Mom or Dad, though, you may notice some concerning changes in their behavior, their well being, or even in the upkeep of their house. Since the…

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Join Cahoon Care at the 2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

At Cahoon Care, we specialize in providing quality care to seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our caregivers receive specialized training, and between our experience and our customized care plans, we can ensure that each senior with Alzheimer’s receives home care services tailored to their individual and evolving needs. We’ve seen how Alzheimer’s affects seniors and…

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How Home Care Can Help Your Entire Family

At Cahoon Care, we offer home care for seniors, but the truth is that our home care services often help entire families. Seniors themselves clearly benefit from the services, but so do the family members who had been caring for them, as well as their other family members. When you invest in home care, you’re…

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5 Strategies for Coping with Caregiver Burnout

Last week we discussed 10 signs of caregiver burnout that you need to be aware of. Burnout can happen when the emotional and physical demands of caregiving become too much for you. If you recognized some of those signs of burnout in yourself, then it’s time to change the situation. 5 Strategies That Can Help…

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10 Signs of Caregiver Burnout to Watch Out For

Caring for a senior, especially when that senior is a loved one, is a challenging task. Not only is caregiving physically demanding, but there’s a high degree of stress and an emotional factor involved, too. Because caregiving is so challenging, caregiver burnout is a very real possibility. This psychological condition is caused by stress, and…

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