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April 2017

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As the gray days turn to blue and the birds begin to chirp happily, spring is upon us! Here are a few ideas for activities to engage in with your clients to celebrate springtime:

  • Read Books about Spring, Plants, and Gardening

Visit your local library and check out books that discuss the season and gardening. Include a mix of fiction and nonfiction titles. Choose books that have vivid and colorful photos.

  • Attend Library Workshops

In addition to carrying many books about the season and nature, local libraries also offer multiple free gardening classes and workshops.

  • Plant Seeds Together

An egg carton works well for holding seeds. Purchase some potting soil and seeds and you are ready to get planting. Also, there are many ready-made seed-starting kits available around this time of year at well-known big-box stores. Purchase the kits and follow the directions for an easy and fun activity. Each time you visit your client, care for the seedlings together and watch them grow.

  • Plant Herbs Together

Planting herbs in small colorful pots and putting them on a sunny window sill will surely bring some cheer and springtime scents. Tend to the garden and harvest, cook, and eat the plants together throughout the growing season. Yum!

  • Plant Flowers Together

Visit a greenhouse or nursery, discuss which flowers your client is attracted to, and purchase colorful plants. Together, plant them around the client’s home in containers and/or in the ground, depending on your space and goals.

  • Visit a Garden

There are various public spaces throughout Boston and surrounding areas that highlight the beauty of nature’s blooms and blossoms.

Boston Public Gardens, Isabella Gardner Museum (Boston), Arnold Arboretum (Jamaica Plain), Lyman Estate and Greenhouses (Waltham), and Wellesley College Botanic Gardens (Wellesley) are just a few.

  • Surround Yourself with Butterflies

Butterflies have a way of making us smile. Share this beautiful experience with a client.

The Butterfly Place (Westford), The Museum of Science (Boston), Franklin Park Zoo (Boston)

  • Hang Bird Feeders

There is nothing like the sound of chirping birds in springtime.

Attract birds to your client’s backyard or to a window nearby where your client enjoys sitting.

Make sure to hang the feeder in an area that will allow your client to view easily. Each time you visit your client, fill the feeder and talk about the different birds that have visited. Purchase a bird book and try to identify the birds together as they perch.

It’s a great time of year to get your clients out of the house to enjoy what nature has to offer!

We want to hear from you!

As valued employees of Cahoon Care Associates, we would like to get your feedback on our new Employee Recognition Program and any ideas or topics you would like to see covered in the next newsletter.

Featured Employee:

Nina Moylan

Nina Moylan

Once a quarter we recognize and reward one caregiver who has gone above and beyond for our clients and our company. We are proud to include Nina Moylan as the quarterly standout caregiver.

Nina joined Cahoon Care in 2014 after hearing good things about our company, and she has been an important part of the team since. She finds personal satisfaction in developing rewarding relationships with clients, and she loves what she does.

As an employee, she always brings a positive, upbeat attitude when she walks through the client’s door. She keeps the Cahoon team well informed on client changes and condition through good communication. Caregiving is definitely her calling in life.

We asked Cahoon Care client Dick D., who Nina works directly with, what his thoughts were of Nina, and he responded:

“Nina is a great fit for my personality. She is like the mayor when we go out. Everyone knows her. She always makes our time together fun and full of laughter. She also has strong caregiver skills to help me with my physical needs. Having Nina here has made it possible for me to get out and about and live my life without the fear of falling. She is always up for a challenge, and I can always depend on her.”

Congratulations, Nina, on a job well done!


We have a referral bonus program to refer new caregivers and new clients:

  • $50 referral bonus for each new caregiver, after they have worked for us for 3 months.
  • $75 referral bonus for each new client, after they have used our services for 1 month.

New Website Employee Hub:

The Cahoon Care website will feature an employee portal called 'Employee Hub.' From this new page you will find easy links to eRSP and IPCED as well as back issues of the employee newsletter.

Check it out http://www.cahooncare.com/employee-hub and give us your feedback!