How to Respond When Someone with Alzheimer’s Says They Want to Go Home

It’s not uncommon for those suffering from Alzheimer’s to repeatedly tell a caregiver that they want to go home. This can be especially frustrating when the person is already at home. It’s important for caregivers to understand that individuals aren’t necessarily asking to be taken somewhere, but are instead yearning for comfort. Due to the…

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10 Reasons Why Seniors Lose Their Appetite

Many older adults struggle during mealtimes or simply refuse to eat because they no longer have an appetite. The problem is that in order to stay healthy and active, seniors need to be consuming a sufficient number of nutritious calories every day. The first step is to figure out why they may not be eating,…

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5 Tips to Improve Sleep in Dementia

Those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s often experience poor sleep, including frequent waking, troubled sleep, or being awake at night. That’s because dementia causes changes in the brain related to sleep. In fact, as many as seven out of 10 people with dementia experience sleep issues, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.…

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10 Reasons Why Seniors Walk with a Shuffling Gait

As some people age, they may begin shuffling or dragging their feet when they walk. They may not even notice they’re doing this. Even your constant reminders to pick up their feet when they walk may not be enough for them to remember to walk correctly. That’s because they’re not doing it on purpose. Something…

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How to Respond to Repetitive Questions in Dementia

Because Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia cause problems with short-term memory, those suffering from it tend to repeat the same thing over and over. This can, unfortunately, become a significant source of stress for caregivers, who may be tempted to snap in frustration eventually. It’s important to realize that the older adult isn’t doing…

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Solutions for Seniors

In February 2024, Cahoon Care’s Allan Parker was interviewed by WATD’s “Solutions for Seniors” host Chris Shea. He discussed the needs facing seniors and their families today and described the services Cahoon Care Associates provides to help meet these pressing needs. Click here to listen to the half-hour interview.

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Pushing the Envelope….

Let’s have some fun…and maybe win a prize! Picture it: Cahoon Care, 2024. The caregiver, Sally, reached the end of her shift, clocked out, and said her goodbyes to the client, Mary. Sally is blissfully 10 minutes from home when her cell phone rings, and Mary is on the other end. Mary asks Sally to…

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Do’s and Don’ts for Visiting Someone with Dementia

Just because people suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want visitors. There will be days, of course, where they may prefer to be alone or keep to the routine, but at other times, they will feel more social. For visits from friends or family to be productive, it’s essential to set…

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A Step-By-Step Guide for How to Get Up from a Fall

Falls can be serious business for seniors – unfortunately, they’re more common than you might realize. The CDC says more than 1 in 4 people 65 and older fall annually. Interestingly, if you fall just once, your chances of falling again double. Also, if older adults stay on the floor for too long or get…

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