Top 5 Signs of Malnourishment in Seniors

Good nutrition is essential to good health, but many seniors are at risk of malnutrition. Factors such as depression, limited social interaction, and even illnesses such as Alzheimer’s can reduce seniors’ ability or desire to get the nutrition they need. Malnutrition can occur when a senior doesn’t get enough nutrients or the balanced diet they…

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4 Ways Home Caregivers Can Supplement Your Senior Care

Caring for a senior parent or loved one is a big task. It’s draining on both your time and emotions and is a lot to ask of any one person. When you’re trying to juggle a job and your own life responsibilities, it can be impossible to fit full-time caregiving into your schedule. Home care…

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Four Ways to Decrease Social Isolation for Seniors

As seniors age, social isolation can become a significant issue. Seniors may leave their homes less often, and mobility issues may affect how much your parent can get out to social or even family events. Social isolation brings challenges, contributing to depression and causing loneliness. But you can help to decrease social isolation for your…

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4 Common Myths About Senior Home Care

Home care for seniors is surrounded by some common myths and misconceptions. Let’s take a moment to dispel them. Do you believe any of these misconceptions about senior home care? The 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Home Care Here’s the truth behind these four misconceptions about home care for seniors. Home care is only necessary…

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April 2017 Cahoon Care Employee Newsletter

Quarterly Employee Newsletter April 2017 Cahoon Care Associates HOME CARE COMPANY Corporate Office: 781.659.1877 429A Washington St, Norwell, MA As the gray days turn to blue and the birds begin to chirp happily, spring is upon us! Here are a few ideas for activities to engage in with your clients to celebrate springtime: Read Books…

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