5 Must-Have Winter Safety & Preparedness Tips for Seniors

Winter Home Safety & Preparedness Tips for Seniors

The winter brings a host of safety issues, but it can be particularly dangerous for seniors. The tips below can help you to keep your parent or loved one safe this winter.

With the winter upon us, are you doing what you can to help a senior stay safe? These tips can help you make a senior’s home safer during the winter.

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Snow Storm Safety: Ensure Snow Is Properly Cleared for Senior Homes

Investing a little in snow removal can really pay off in terms of a senior’s safety. If you’re not able to handle the snow removal at your parent’s home yourself, then it’s worth paying someone to do so. Promptly removing snow from steps, walkways, and driveways helps to reduce ice buildup and makes for safer walking. Don’t forget to also invest in salt and sand to keep on hand.

Winter Home Preparation: Service Heating Systems Before and During the Winter

Keeping your parent’s home heating systems serviced regularly is essential to winter safety. Regular service can help to prevent issues like chimney fires and equipment malfunctioning, ensuring the heat is working when your parent needs it.

You’ll also want to make sure that your parent has enough heating fuel throughout the winter. Depending on your parent, they may be able to order fuel themselves, or it may be best for you to take over the fuel monitoring and ordering so that you know they won’t run out.

Winter Storm Preparation: Purchase a Generator for a Senior’s Home

If you haven’t already done so, invest in a generator for your parent’s home. Not only can a generator mean that a senior has heat even during a power outage, but it can also reduce the chance of a senior falling because of poor lighting when the power’s out. With a generator, a senior won’t need to deal with candles, which can be a fire hazard in themselves. Additionally, many seniors rely on powered equipment, such as adjustable beds and oxygen compressors which can only function for limited amounts of time without power.

Home Safety: Schedule Check-Ins During the Winter

Even with all of these safety measures in place, you should still schedule check-ins to make sure that a senior is safe and has everything they need during the winter. If you know you won’t be able to get to your parent’s house during a storm, then talk with neighbors to see if they would be able to do a check-in for you.

Senior Home Care: Hire a Caregiver

Caring for a senior, particularly during the winter, can be demanding. Consider hiring a professional caregiver to provide home care services for your parent. A caregiver can be there when you cannot, and can ensure that your parent’s needs are being met.

Your Next Steps to Keeping Your Parent Safe This Winter

Implementing the above tips can help to keep your parent or senior loved one safe during the winter. Depending on how independent your parent is, home care may be a necessary step in keeping your parent safe and healthy. Please contact Cahoon Care to discuss how home care can help your parent.

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