5 Ways Home Caregivers Can Help Foster Independence in Seniors

Senior independence

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Many seniors want to stay in their own homes as long as possible, but as seniors age, they often lose some of their independence. Home care can help with that. In honor of Senior Independence Month, we’ve highlighted five important ways that caregivers can help foster independence in seniors, keeping them in their homes and out of assisted living or nursing homes.

How Caregivers Can Keep Seniors Independent

Caregivers can help a senior to safely stay in their homes, even if they’re no longer completely independent. Senior caregivers offer many important services, and at Cahoon Care, we customize our care plans to each individual’s specific needs. This ensures that your loved one will receive the exact type of care they need to remain independent.


When a caregiver is scheduled to regularly visit a senior, they can provide an important socialization connection. We feel it’s important for a senior to see the same caregiver so they can develop a relationship – there’s no revolving door of caregivers here.

In addition to providing socialization through their own visits, caregivers can also accompany seniors to social events outside the home, such as those at the local senior center. Socialization is an important factor in keeping seniors emotionally healthy, and home care offers plenty of socialization opportunities without having to resort to an assisted living or nursing home environment.

Transportation to Appointments

Many seniors can no longer drive, but are still in need of transportation to appointments. Caregivers can accompany seniors to appointments, offering transportation. This can be a particularly valuable service, especially when your family works full-time and can’t necessarily be on hand to take Mom or Dad to the doctor. And if a senior is recovering from an illness or injury, a caregiver can ensure they get to every check-up.

Personal Care Help

Personal care tasks, like bathing and dressing, become more of a challenge as we age. A caregiver is around to help when a senior needs a little extra assistance. They can also make sure that a senior stays safe during tasks like bathing, where the risk of a fall is increased.

Meals and Medication Monitoring

Do you know how well or how often a loved one is eating when they’re living at home, alone? A caregiver can provide a watchful eye to make sure that a senior’s nutritional needs are met, and can spot potential issues, like a sudden lack of appetite, early on. They can also check to make sure that a senior is keeping up with their medication, and can alert you right away if they spot any potential side effects.

Safety Monitoring

Perhaps most valuable of all, caregivers are a watchful eye when you can’t be there. Knowing that a caregiver will be at your loved one’s home when you can’t stop by is a huge reassurance of your loved one’s safety. In case a fall or other issue does occur, having a caregiver present to immediately summon help means you don’t have to worry about Mom or Dad being alone and not being able to reach anyone.

Your Next Steps In Hiring a Caregiver

Want to help the senior in your life keep their independence? Please contact us today. We would be happy to learn more about your loved one and their needs, so we can discuss how our caregivers can help.