How Home Care Can Help Your Entire Family

At Cahoon Care, we offer home care for seniors, but the truth is that our home care services often help entire families. Seniors themselves clearly benefit from the services, but so do the family members who had been caring for them, as well as their other family members.

When you invest in home care, you’re not just helping a senior in need of extra care. You’ll be taking a positive step for your entire family.

4 Ways Home Care Services Benefit Both Seniors and Their Families

If you’re thinking of hiring a home caregiver, then be sure to take a look at these ways that your whole family can benefit from the services, too.

Relieve Your Care Obligations

If you’ve been caring for a senior loved one, then you already know how emotionally and physically draining caregiving can be. When your loved one needs more care than you can provide, you may start to experience caregiver burnout.

A home caregiver can help to relieve you of some of your caregiving obligations. They’re able to take over some of your responsibilities so caregiving isn’t such a drain on your schedule or your emotions. Home care can:

  • Give you a chance to get your schedule back on track
  • Relieve the stress that caregiving can cause
  • Allow you to be refreshed and ready for the caregiving shifts that you do have
  • Be a watchful eye when you’re not available
  • Provide specialized care services, such as Alzheimer’s therapies like music or pet therapy

As your loved one’s care needs increase, you can’t always be available to provide care. A home caregiver may be the perfect solution. Plus, when you’re less stressed because of your caregiving responsibilities, you’ll be better able to spend time with your whole family.

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Provide a Senior With the Care They Need

Home caregivers can give seniors the care they need, when they need it. At Cahoon Care, we can provide homecare 24 hours per day, so no matter what your loved one’s needs are, we can offer services to help.

We also offer a variety of caregiving services to accommodate many different care needs:

  • Companion care offers seniors support and companionship. Activities include accompanying a senior to doctor’s appointments, cooking, reading books, and more.
  • Personal care services support seniors through daily activities that may be challenging. Activities include help with bathing, meal preparation, safety monitoring, and more.
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia care services are designed to support seniors in different stages of the diseases. Activities include therapies like art and acupuncture therapy, accompanying seniors to social events, scrapbooking, and more.

All of our services are customized to each senior’s needs, ensuring that seniors get the specific care that they need. Whether your time commitments, physical limitations, or other obstacles keep you from being able to care for a loved one, a Cahoon Care caregiver can make sure that a senior’s needs are met.

Support Your Caregiving Efforts

Caring for a senior family member can be a solitary activity, and you may feel alone in your journey. A home caregiver can serve as a support to your efforts.

Think about what a relief it would be if you didn’t have to accompany your loved one to every doctor’s appointment. A caregiver can go in your place, advocating for your loved one and returning home with all of the updates and information you need.

If your loved one needs specialized services, like therapeutic services for Alzheimer’s, a knowledgeable caregiver can offer these services. They can supplement and support the care that you provide, making for a better overall quality of care.

Give Your Family Peace of Mind

Finally, hiring a home caregiver can give your entire family peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about your loved one when you’re not with them, because a knowledgeable caregiver is there to keep an eye on them. Caregivers can alert you to behavioral or physical changes that they notice, serving as a second set of eyes. And if you’re trying to care for a loved one across the country, a caregiver fulfills the ever so important role of being there in the home with your loved one.

Ready to hire a home caregiver? Please contact us today. We would love to discuss how we can help.

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