Senior Home Care Explained: What to Expect

If you’re considering home care for a senior in your life, you may have questions about what to expect. In this article, Cahoon Care will help to answer your questions and give you an idea of what to expect from home care for seniors.

A Look at Senior Home Care with Cahoon Care

Cahoon Care specializes in providing in-home care for seniors with all sorts of different needs. Not only do we offer different types of care, but our caregivers are experienced, skilled, and receive specialized training to further develop their expertise.

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What Home Care May Look Like for Your Family

One of the great things about Cahoon Care is that we want to create a home care arrangement that is just right for you and your loved one. When you contact Cahoon Care, we will work to find a caregiver that is a great fit for your loved one, both in terms of their caregiving needs and their personality.

A caregiver will help your loved one in their home. Caregivers may provide care for as 4 hours a week, all the way up to 24-hour-a-day care. Some seniors need just minimal care and assistance, while other seniors, such as those with Alzheimer’s, may need more intensive care. Home care can also help to supplement the caregiving that you are already doing. That’s why Cahoon Care offers a variety of services to suit different needs.

Types of Home Care Offered by Cahoon Care

Cahoon Care offers three main types of home care to meet your loved one’s needs.

Companion Care

Seniors can easily become isolated, and companion care can help to provide socialization while making sure that a senior’s needs are met. Our caregivers are happy to spend time reading books, playing cars, sharing music, and more. They’re also on hand to take your loved one to appointments, prepare meals, and advocate for them at doctor’s appointments when you can’t be there yourself.

Personal Care

Personal care is an excellent option for any senior who needs some help with daily tasks. Caregivers can help with personal care tasks such as dressing, bathing, and toileting. Caregivers can also help with meal preparation and light housecleaning, so your loved one can live safely and comfortably in the comfort of their own home.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia is emotionally draining and requires significant time on the caregiver’s part. Cahoon Care caregivers specialize in working with seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia and are proactive in managing such care.

Cahoon Care’s Alzheimer’s and dementia care is comprehensive. It may include alternative therapies such as music, pet, reiki, and massage therapy. Our caregivers may provide creative activities to help stimulate a senior’s mind, and also provide transportation to activities, exercise, and help with some of the challenges that come with living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

How Individualized Care Plans Help Your Loved One

Cahoon Care creates an individualized care plan just for your loved one. This care plan helps us to ensure that we are meeting all of your loved one’s needs. We revisit this care plan regularly as your loved one’s needs change. It’s just one way that we make sure that we are doing everything possible to keep your loved one healthy, happy, and safe in their home.

Your Next Steps in Beginning Home Care

We would be happy to talk about your loved one’s needs and to answer any questions you have when it comes to home care. Please contact us today!

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