Top Warning Signs & Symptoms of Stroke in Seniors

If your loved one suffered a stroke, could you recognize it quickly? Would you know what to do? Stroke in Seniors are at increased risk of stroke simply because of their age, but additional factors may increase a senior’s risk. How much do you know about the symptoms of stroke in seniors? Must-Have Information About…

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10 Signs of Elderly Depression to Watch For

Has Mom or Dad seemed more “down” than normal? Maybe they’re unusually quiet or seem to be withdrawing from activities that they usually enjoy. While it can be easy to write off behavior changes as being a part of the aging process, you might actually be seeing signs that your aging parent is depressed. [pro_ad_display_adzone…

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Top Signs Your Parent or Loved One Needs Home Care

Top Signs Your Parent or Loved One Needs Home Care As your parent or loved one age, you may see signs that they need in-home care. Because everyone ages differently, some seniors may remain independent into their 80s, while others may need in-home care sooner to keep them safe and healthy. It can be challenging…

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