Top Signs Your Parent or Loved One Needs Home Care

Top Signs Your Parent or Loved One Needs Home Care

Top Signs Your Parent or Loved One Needs Home Care

As your parent or loved one age, you may see signs that they need in-home care. Because everyone ages differently, some seniors may remain independent into their 80s, while others may need in-home care sooner to keep them safe and healthy.

It can be challenging to know when home care has become necessary for your loved one, so we’ve compiled this checklist of signs you should watch for.

Household Signs That May Indicate a Problem

  • The house is notably messy
  • The house is in need of care and maintenance
  • The fridge contains large amounts of spoiled food
  • Your loved one does not have adequate groceries, or only has frozen dinners
  • Your loved one’s car has new dents and dings

Telling Personal Signs to Watch out For

  • Weight loss
  • Decline in personal hygiene
  • Difficulty moving around and getting up from a seated position
  • Less social interaction
  • Loss of interest in hobbies
  • Neglecting bills and receiving late payment notices
  • Deteriorating memory or increased confusion
  • Forgetting to take medications

If you recognize multiple signs from the checklist above, then it’s time to provide your parent with home care. These steps will guide you along the way.

Questions You Need to Be Asking

The exact care that your loved one needs depends on a number of factors. These questions can help you to better understand the level care that is needed:

  • Does your parent need assistance during the day? Who is available to provide this assistance?
  • Is your parent memory impaired?
  • Is your parent able to drive independently?
  • What level of care does your parent need, in terms of frequency, the amount of assistance, medical needs, etc.?
  • Is your parent in need of a power of attorney or healthcare proxy to help with financial and medical decisions? Who will assume those roles?

The answers to these questions can help identify just how much care your loved one needs.

Home Care Isn’t a “One Size Fits All” Solution

You have a few different options to provide your parent with home care. Here are three to consider:

Have family members, friends, and community members help with home care

In some cases, it may be possible to rely on family members, friends, and even members of the community to help care for your loved one. You should carefully consider your own health, physical abilities, job and family demands before deciding if you are able and qualified to care for your loved one.

Hire a private caregiver

You may choose to hire a private caregiver directly. In this case, you are responsible for finding a caregiver who meets your loved one’s needs, has adequate training, and is insured. You will also need to conduct interviews, run background checks, check references, create schedules, and oversee the care.

These responsibilities can be a drain on your time, and it’s important to remember that if the caregiver is out sick, you will need to find coverage.

Hire a private home care agency to assist in professional care and management

Hiring a private home care agency takes some of the administrative tasks, like running background checks and overseeing scheduling, off of your hands. Private home care agencies tend to have access to a wide variety of caregivers, and are likely to be able to find a caregiver who is a great match for your loved one. When choosing a home care agency, it is important to look for one which is fully licensed, insured, and has references you can check.

At Cahoon Care, we customize our care to ensure your loved one gets exactly the help that he or she needs. We provide services ranging from basic assistance with cooking and medication reminders, to involved medical care and assistance.

If you’re considering in-home care for your loved one, please contact us today! We are happy to discuss the care that is best suited for your loved one so that they may remain independent, safe, and productive in their own home.

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