The True Value of Home Care for Seniors

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  • How to help mom or dad stay in their home longer
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If your loved one needs more care than you can provide, you’re probably weighing the costs of home care, assisted living, and nursing home care. But truth is, home care for seniors provides benefits that far outweigh its financial cost.

The Top 4 Benefits Home Care Provides to Seniors and Their Families

Home care offers seniors and their families countless benefits. Here are four of the top reasons to choose home care for your loved one.

1. Enjoy the Comfort of Home

Ultimately, home care can help seniors to stay in their homes longer. There is nothing as reassuring and as comfortable as being in your own home. This can be particularly comforting for seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s, recovering from a hospitalization or surgery, or for those who still have friends living in their neighborhood.

Simply being at home can keep seniors more positive, helping to fend off senior depression and the stress that a major life change, such as a move into assisted living would bring.

2. Ensure Proper Nutrition and Medication Administration

Having a caregiver come into your home is a great way to help ensure that your loved one is getting regular nutritious meals. Caregivers can help to prepare and serve meals, and can make sure that seniors eat when you’re not available to be there yourself.

Cahoon Care caregivers can also help ensure that seniors take their medications on time. This simple act is essential to keeping seniors healthy.

3. Avoid Hospital Readmissions

When seniors come home from the hospital after either a treatment, illness, or surgery, they need care and monitoring. It can be difficult to provide this demanding care, especially when you have a job and a family. Home care can make all the difference in these situations.

By providing the personalized, attentive care that seniors need, caregivers can help to avoid hospital readmissions. Caregivers can help with:

  • Monitoring a senior’s health
  • Accompanying the senior to check-ups and follow-up doctor’s appointments
  • Guidance and encouragement in following discharge instructions
  • And more

Hiring a caregiver to help with your loved one’s transition back to living at home can increase the chances of a smooth recovery.

4. Enjoy Peace of Mind

Home care is an investment, not only in a loved one’s health and safety but also in your own peace of mind. Knowing that your loved one is in good hands when you can’t be with them can help to relieve your stress, provide you with peace of mind, and even allow you to relax.

Your Next Steps to Set Up Home Care

Would you like to learn more about how both you and your loved one can benefit from home care? Please contact Cahoon Care today. We would be happy to discuss how we can tailor our home care to best meet your loved one’s needs.