How to Manage Stress as a Caregiver – 4 Tips from Cahoon Care Associates

Caring for a senior, especially when that senior is your parent, is stressful. Not only does caregiving take up time, but it takes emotional energy too. At Cahoon Care, we know firsthand how stressful senior care can be. That’s why we’re sharing these four tips to help manage your stress as a caregiver.

Four Ways to Manage Your Senior Caregiving Stress

Stressed? Tired? Having a hard time giving your loved one the quality care they deserve? These tips can help.

Set Up Systems for Efficient Senior Care

Did you know that there are many tools that can help make senior care more efficient? Putting some of these systems in place can greatly reduce your stress.

  • Schedules – The simple act of maintaining a schedule or calendar can reduce forgotten appointments and last-minute conflicts while keeping you more organized.
  • Medication reminders – There are many medication reminders that can help both you and your loved one stay on task when it comes to medications and dosages. Be sure to see our blog post on the different medication reminders available.
  • Equipment – Having the right equipment can make caregiving safer for both you and your parent. Talk with your parent’s doctor about equipment that they may recommend, such as bath transfer chairs, handrails, and more.

Realize That You’re Not Perfect

When family members take on the role of caregiver, it can be difficult to settle for anything less than the very best for your parent. It’s important to remember, though, that you’re not a professional caregiver. Professional caregivers receive specialized training and have the background knowledge necessary to handle some of the significant health issues that your loved one may face.

When caring for a parent at home, hiring a professional home caregiver can be a great help. Our caregivers often find that they can provide families with tips and advice to make for easier caregiving even after our caregivers go home.

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Find a Way to Relieve Some Stress

When you’re in the high-stress position of caring for a loved one, it’s important that you find ways to relieve your own stress. Make time for some activities that you enjoy, like going out for a walk, spending time with family, or just getting out to enjoy nature for a bit. Taking some time for yourself can let you return to caregiving refreshed and ready to provide great care.

Get Some Time Away

No one person can handle all of the responsibilities that come with senior care alone. Senior care, especially when a senior requires full-time care, is a multi-person job. Enlist help, whether it’s reaching out to other family members or hiring senior home care. Cahoon Care offers home care for as little as 4 hours a week all the way up to full-time care, so we can provide you with as much help as you need.

Your Next Steps

Now that you have some stress relieving strategies, it’s time to make some changes and put some of these techniques into place. Please contact Cahoon Care today to speak with an elder care adviser about your needs.

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