Video Corner: 3 Things to Never Do with Your Client with Dementia

By remembering these three tips when interacting with your client who has dementia, you’ll make your life easier as a caregiver and also reduce the chances of causing behavioral outbursts in them.

Tip #1: Don’t argue with your client. This will make the situation worse and lead to frustration and backlash. Instead, acknowledge what they’re saying and going through, respond briefly, and redirect their attention if possible.

Tip #2: Do not try to correct your client. If s/he is living in the past mentally and talks about things that no longer are accurate, there’s no harm in just letting them ramble.

Tip #3: Do not try to reason with your client. This is a losing battle because s/he no longer can figure. Instead, offer a brief response that addresses the underlying emotion. Remember: it’s not about making sense in your world; it’s about making sense in their world!