Introducing the Gardeen Monitoring System

Gardeen Monitoring System

The Gardeen Monitoring System is a comfortable, lightweight, hassle-free bracelet designed for older adults with a sensor that captures and delivers data showing activity changes over time. The system tracks and records an individual’s movement patterns and activity levels. It is discreet and easy to use, allowing individuals to wear it throughout the day without causing discomfort or disrupting their daily activities. The device uses gateways to detect and record movements such as walking, sitting, standing, and lying down, as well as other activities.

This non-invasive, technology-driven product provides aggregate data shared with users, caregivers, and family members through the easy-to-use smartphone app and dashboard. Individuals and providers can use the data collected by the Gardeen Monitoring System to track an individual’s progress, monitor their activity levels, and identify any changes in movement patterns that may indicate a change in health status. For example, the device can be used to monitor the recovery of individuals after surgery or to track the progress of patients with chronic conditions such as Dementia or Parkinson’s.

One of the key benefits of the Gardeen Monitoring System is that it provides a continuous, objective measurement of the individual’s activity levels, which can inform treatment decisions and improve outcomes. The device can also help reduce the burden on providers by providing them with a more accurate and reliable data source than traditional self-reported measures. In addition, the device is HIPPA-compliant.

The device offers valuable real-time alerts and reassuring insights into daily activity, allowing for data-informed decision-making. This product provides an unobtrusive window into what were once unobserved, day-to-day activities of participants in their homes, giving dignity and privacy to the participants. Trends that are tracked using the bracelet can demonstrate either that the participant is thriving and safe in their environment or that consideration for additional care and safety measures may be needed.

The installation process for the Gardeen Monitoring System is user-friendly and can be initiated by an individual, family, or caregiver. Two or more gateways are strategically placed to ensure complete home coverage, usually in the hallway and bedroom. All left is to pair the bracelet to the gateways and walk around the internal perimeter.

The Gardeen Monitoring System provides real-time check-in and exercise metrics inside and outside the home, including a gait speed score, resting-now insight for visit planning, historical graph with date selection, location in the home, and configurable intelligent alerts for fall detection, alarm button activation, night-time wandering, bracelet off, bedroom occupancy for over 24 hours, resting for over 12 hours, user down notification, and offline user notification. Exercise and activity metrics are strongly linked to better outcomes for those in the early stages of cognitive decline.

The Gardeen desktop view provides an in-depth look into the service users’ well-being:

  • Weekly or monthly well-being report
  • Sleep schedule
  • Activity levels during the day
  • Time spent away from the home
  • Exercise minutes
  • Gait speed trends
  • Temperature

These wearable bracelets and safety devices are designed with the user in mind, focusing on providing comfort, ease of use, and safety to individuals who may require additional support or monitoring. The devices can quickly alert caregivers or emergency services, allowing rapid response times and potentially life-saving interventions.

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